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Powered Scooters & Power Chairs

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Powered Scooters & Power Chairs

Unicare Health is Australia's leading provider of powered mobility scooters, electric power chairs, electric wheelchairs and custom scripted power chairs.

Powered mobility scooters offer independence to people with limited mobility to get around outdoors. Mobility scooters are for people able enough to operate a vehicle but challenged when walking long distances.

Electric power chairs or electric wheelchairs are often used by older people or people with limited mobility who require that added assistance going to the park or doing their shopping nearby.

Custom scripted power chairs are usually prescribed by a therapist and fully customized to suit the user. Customised power wheelchairs come in many different combinations to suit different body shapes, sitting positions and lifestyle needs.

Our occupational therapists and product consultants are ready to answer any questions you might have, arrange free product demonstrations and help you find the right powered mobility product to suit your lifestyle. Please call 1800 656 654

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